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The pin shaft is an important part of the aerial lift truck. The pin shafts produced by sunalloem are of good quality. However, if users do not pay attention to maintenance after long-term use, there will be some problems after long-term wear. After the pin shaft is damaged, it needs to be disassembled and replaced. Today we mainly discuss how to replace the pin shaft of the lifting platform. The installation positions of various types of lifting platform pin shafts are different, but the same thing is that we must pay attention to safety during replacement. Here is Sanao Seiko to explain how to replace the lifting platform pin shafts.


1. When replacing the axle pin, use a crane or chain to remove the table top and place it in a safe place without hindering the work.

2. After the axle pin is replaced, the technical inspection shall be conducted again to determine that the load, deflection and other parameters of the scissor lift meet the relevant national standards of the machinery industry.

3. When replacing the axle pin of the lifting platform, all axle pins shall be checked, and the axle pin with wear of more than 90% must be replaced.

4. If more than 50% of the axle pins need to be replaced, it is recommended to replace all axle pins.

5. For the shaft pin parts with fast wear and serious wear, the manufacturer shall be notified, and the manufacturer shall conduct technical analysis to find out the reasons for the fast wear. If it is the technical reason of the manufacturer, it shall be solved by the manufacturer; If it is due to improper use, the lifting platform shall be used and operated in strict accordance with the manufacturer's operating instructions in the future.

6. When checking and replacing the axle pin, check the wear condition of the wear sleeve. If the wear exceeds 80%, it should also be replaced. When replacing the wear-resistant sleeve, it shall be replaced by the regular manufacturer, because the positioning accuracy of the wear-resistant sleeve directly affects the deflection of the elevator.

Well, here's how to replace the axle pin of the lifting platform. You should ensure safety during operation. All kinds of work can be carried out normally only in a safe working environment. If you encounter other problems, you must not deal with them rashly. You should choose to consult us or the corresponding manufacturer.

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